I am a creative, an artist, a well of ideas and inspiration…. and sometimes it sucks! Yep, sucks. I struggle; I find it hard to tell myself to keep going, to keep trying, to ignore the little voice in my head telling me: ‘You’re just not good enough.’ (This is the same voice that proclaims… Continue reading Ping-Pong


Seeking a ‘Sustainable, Creative Balance’

In a 1963 BBC interview, J RR Tolkien said of his novel Lord of the Rings: ‘I began as soon as The Hobbit was out (1937)… I wrote the last… in about 1949’ It took Tolkien 12 years to write the 473k words of Lord of the Rings – WWII was raging, he was in… Continue reading Seeking a ‘Sustainable, Creative Balance’

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Creative Spaces & Juggling Oranges

Over the last few days I’ve been ‘sorting’ my blog into a ‘start as you mean to go on’ state, which has meant I ‘trashed’ all of my posts ~ it was a drastic measure, but I felt it was a necessary one. I’m not your stereotypical creative you see, I work better if my… Continue reading Creative Spaces & Juggling Oranges