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A Letter to Myself

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Don’t worry about not having ‘made it’ already, you started this journey because you’ve always wanted to be a ‘Writer & Artist’ and if you didn’t do it now, you never would.

You knew it wouldn’t be easy…

Yes, things could be better, but they could be a lot worse!

You have three lovely boys (four if you count hubby), a house that doesn’t have a self-clean switch and something you laughingly refer to as a social life (Yes, I know your kids’ activities & invites etc take up more of the calendar than yours, but you’re getting a bit old for pass the parcel!)

And hubby works full-time, which means a lot of what family life throws up, you have to catch. Look at what you have, how far you’ve come, and how much you’ve already struggled with.

Always remember:
Looking back can be more encouraging than always looking forward.

Every journey begins where it begins and ends when you stop; you don’t want to stop here!

…But… you do need to be here to carry on. The life-balance that you seek is not eluding you. You’re not missing a vital piece of any great puzzle. You’re not failing, you just need to stop fretting, and find YOUR balance; no-one elses, because it won’t work for you. You have all the pieces, you’ll find your rhythm, AND you’ll look back on this time, encouraged by how you got passed it, and how YOU discovered what you needed to get going again. Not only that:

You will finish your novel!


You will get your artwork into some sort of ‘I don’t mind sharing this’ order!

Aside: I know you’ve forgotten what order is – that comes with living with four boys who think laundry basket = bedroom floor, tidied away = where it was last used & you = cook/cleaner/nurse/taxi/purse/queen of nagging and sofa hugging chocolate eater! (That last one you know isn’t true; you don’t have time!)

You will get to where you want to be, and some. You know you’ll always want to continue exploring, discovering, learning and creating, because that’s who you are. It’s easy to lose the sense of who you really are, but you’ve not changed much, you just have more challenges on your time; YOU are still YOU.

So get up, explore, discover and learn what’s going to work for you – and carry on CREATING!



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